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We get lots of illustrators asking us if they can design a t-shirt or product for us. We do hire illustrators and we like to check out new and exciting artwork, but we need to be very selective about who we work with… We can only spend so much on new designs and if an illustrator hasn’t even been a customer of ours in the past, how do we know they’re actually serious about our brand? We want to work with people who are as committed as we are to making a Saltopus tee, or other product, as brilliant as it can be.

Before you email or message us, joining the 17 others who already have this morning, check out our products. Maybe purchase one or two items so you can get an idea of the quality we’re putting out and what would be expected from you. Then also check out the illustrators we’ve worked with so far. How do you measure up in comparison?

Saltopus Artists: AJ Frena, Beach, Brian Allen, Michael Hacker, Andy Smith, Joel Benjamin. Artists we’re working with on new products: SPZero76, Habbenink and artists we’re going to be working with in the near future… Jesse Schaller and Matt Timson. If you can tick all the boxes, then feel free to send us a message or email and stun us with your awesome artwork.

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