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We’ve wanted to do a women’s range of clothing for a while now, and we’re psyched to tell you that the first piece of womenswear is already well underway! Jesse Schaller has been busy working on a fantastic fresh design for us, which we’re sure you’ll love.

Check out some of Jesse’s current work to get a taste of what his dark imagination is capable of! His work for Skeletonwitch rocks to the Nth degree.

We’re hoping to release our first women’s t-shirt (actual women’s cut, not unisex) in July to coincide with our first music festival trade stand at Lubstock in the Midlands. This design will be exclusive to Saltopus Apparel and will feature kittens! Rabid killer kittens who want nothing but blood, guts and glory! 🙂

We’ve wanted to work with Jesse for a while now, as he’s an awesome artist as you can see from the sample of his work above. Getting him to create the artwork for our first women’s tee was a thrilling ride. Below is the rough he sent for approval before starting working on the final image. How awesome is that?!


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